Dancer Profiles


Clive Phillips

Owner / Director / Elite Instructor

English born, raised in Australia

Clive won his first Ballroom dance competition in Australia at the age of 9.


His 30+ years of experience and achievement as a world-class performer and instructor brings a perspective and insight to his dance instruction. The progress and achievements of his students is testimony to the value of his experience.


Co-founder of the original Dance New York Inc, the world-renowned Ballroom and Latin dance studio in NYC 27 years ago. 

Currently operating and teaching at the most recent Dance New York in Canton, Michigan.


Trainer and Pro-Am instructor for the current 2019 British Rhythm Champion

2016 World Dancesport Series Championship Top Teacher

Two time United States National Nine Dance Champion

Australian National Champion

Winner of over 200 National & International Dance Competitions


Clive co-created, choreographed and directed a ninety-minute production "Let’s Dance the Night Away” and led the production on a 2 year tour thru Australia.


Clive has had many celebrity students, including Rosanna Arquette, Jennifer Beals, Campbell Scott, Anita Gillette and Yancey Butler.


He co-hosted with Suzanne Somers at the World Amateur Latin Championships, and at the Amateur Standard World Championships in Miami.

Clive also co-hosted the Monoco Dancesport Championships with Marilou Henner.


National Adjudicator for 2005 United States Championships


Associate/Members Degree in all 5 categories:

            International Standard

            International Latin

            American Smooth

            American Rhythm

            Theater Arts


Member Of:

National Dance Council of America


Screen Actors Guild

Professional Dance Federation


Suzanne Phillips

 Owner / Director / Elite Instructor

Suzanne Phillips brings more than 30 years of dance training and performance experience to the dance world. Beyond her excellent credentials as a dancer and an instructor, she is a creative, intuitive mentor in mind and body for her students, and her professional experience provides an insight to self-expression, which is a critical factor in the development of a dancer at any level.


Suzanne co-founded Dance New York, a world-renowned dance studio, 23 years ago. She was co-instructor for Ballroom Master Classes for 3rd year students at the New York University School of the Arts, responsible for ballroom dance curriculum and student training. She also co-created, choreographed and directed “Let’s Dance the Night Away,” a ninety-minute production, which toured Australia for 2 years.


Suzanne, born and raised in Michigan, moved to NYC at the age of 18 to pursue her career in dance. With a strong background in Theater Arts, Suzanne was a featured dancer at Radio City Music Hall in the Christmas and Easter shows for 6 years. During the hectic Christmas season, Suzanne would sometimes do more than 20 shows in a week. She also appeared in the Denver Center Theater Company production of "The Stories of Eva Luna", as well as movies, commercials and numerous national and international touring productions.


Suzanne has worked with Tommy Tune, Liza Minelli, Sammy Davis Jr., Jerry Lewis, and has danced with Patrick Stewart and Campbell Scott.


Industrials include:

Ellesse, Toyota, IBM, Reebok and Mattel


Titles include:

Triple Crown American Smooth & International Standard Champion

Manhattan Dancesport American Smooth & Intl Standard Champion 

Tri-State Open American Smooth Champion 

Houston Lonestar Classic American Smooth Champion

Nevada Star Ball American Smooth Champion

VA State Open American Smooth Champion

WI State DS American Smooth Champion


Member of:

National Dance Council of America

Screen Actors Guild



Cecchetti-Highly Commended Grades I & II

Man with Wooden Background

Ashleigh DeWeese

Ballroom and Latin Instructor

Coming from an extensive background in all types of dance, we’re thrilled to have Alex Smith as an essential member of the Dance Company. Don’t miss out on this great talent at our next performance.

Woman with White Shirt

Louis and Lauren Johnson

Passionate, Graceful and Flawles

Coming from an extensive background in all types of dance, we’re thrilled to have River Watts as an essential member of the Dance Company. Don’t miss out on this great talent at our next performance.

Young Man Smiling in the Office

Emily Solecki

Inspiring Performances Every Time

Get ready to be dazzled by the grace and flawless movements of Kris Ward. As head of the Dance Company, they make sure that all dancers are regularly practicing and perfecting their moves for upcoming performances.

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