COVID-19 Precautions

Crowd with Masks

We will proceed as follows to ensure your health and safety as well as that of our staff


The Ballroom: To ensure safe traffic flow we have separate Entrance and Exit doors to/from the Ballroom. For ventilation, we have 14' ceilings and 2 large sliding garage doors that we open at the end of each day to circulate fresh air in. We encourage social distancing of 6' or more from others not in your household when not dancing

Masks: Are requested for all visitors and staff

Cleaning and Sanitizing: Surfaces are wiped down and sanitized throughout the day with a bleach solution and/or disinfecting wipes

Hand Sanitizer: Stations are located throughout the facility for easy usage. Hand washing is encouraged before and after dancing

Social Distancing:

Private Lessons-Each instructor selects their own station for students to set their belongings 

Group Classes-Class size is limited to ensure room for distancing. Changing partners is optional at this time. We recommend joining with a partner to maximize your class experience. Singles are welcome but we are not able to guarantee a partner. 

Social Dances- Currently open to DNY students. Changing partners is optional and left to the discrection of individual dancers. Mask wearing is requested at this time. We are currently not holding Social Dances 'open to the public'.


We strongly feel that communication (along with dancing) is a key component to you/our physical and mental well being. Please let us know any questions or concerns you might have through this transition back into the ballroom. Your safety is most important to us.